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We didn't earn our reputation just by giving good advice, knowing the right people, and committing to what we say....

We dress pretty well too!

Brayboy Verduzco



At the Forefront

Man at his Desk

Hello and thanks for stopping by to check out what  Brayboy Verduzco & Associates are all about. We hope that you find our organization to be one that can largely benefit your company. Whether you are a company looking to grow and streamline or if you are an individual looking for some help in navigating complex decisions about starting a business, we are here to help.


We are your ultimate consultants for your business. We consist of listeners and note-takers; you see the note pad? How about that clipboard? BVA believes in organizing thought and prioritizing; not only the next steps but, who is important to get involved in the process. We have brought our network in-house so that we can easily access the expertise you need to make the right decisions. We have worked with many companies and organizations on complex projects that needed an outside perspective. Below are some companies we have had the pleasure of working with.

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Getting Coffee
Did you know, employees spend two days every two years working at the customer service desk — even the CEO — in order to help all workers understand the customer service process?


Corporate Office

3152 W. Devon Ave

Chicago IL. 60659

Operating in 

Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas, Huston, Denver, Washington DC, Columbus, and Atlanta


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