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Non-Profit HR

One way BVA is giving back!

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BVA has been helping non-profit organizations make impact for the last decade and we know the hard work it takes. We want to ease the burden of recruiting, onboarding, off-boarding  and all things human resource and compliance related. We also want to make sure that it is cost effective! 

Take a look below and see the services that can be added to a package and remember that we have many more products and services. Book an appointment today..

Note: On average, our NPO clients pay about 950.00 per month averaging about 11,500 per year; nearly 80% less than the average HR generalist/Director!  

Your Remote HR

Here is one of the many customizable Employee interfaces we use.

Let us deal with the paperwork!

Interactive Platforms

Recruitment & Performance 

We will take care of all employee and vendor related paperwork in accordance with your state compliances. With that said; we also handle your onboarding, off boarding, disciplinary, medical records and any other documentation during the lifetime of your people.

Your team will love our advance, interactive and user-friendly platform. Here your team will be able to request and track PTO, new polices, HR related news and announcements,  view benefits and more!

In theses times, it can be challenging to find the right talent. We have proven systems and great resources to find Ideal candidates. Just as importantly, we focus on retention as well, for this; we have performance strategies that are sure to help with team success.

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