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To outsource or not to outsource?

It is a question many small, mid-sized and yes, even large businesses, as they expand and scale their operation. As with any business decision, thorough research is necessary to ensure the right partner is selected.

This is not a one size fits all approach. There are many companies that “play” in the HR outsourcing space, and there are often differences in their offerings.

So, let’s run through some of the basics of HR outsourcing to consider the important factors when selecting a provider.

Interactive Employee portals and electronic Personnel Records 

BVA works with many technology partners to customize onboarding, off-boarding, personnel records, performance and much more; in order for it to be accessible at the tip of your fingers. 


BVA's experts are dedicated to specialized topics, like compliance issues. Whether you have questions on federal regulations, evaluating talent or planning benefits, you can reach out to an expert whose only job is to advise on these topics. This means you can get much more precise information than if you had one HR generalist trying to learn every subject on their own.

Work/Life Balance

With all the things for us to keep track of, making sure that we have the time off for ourself and our families can be tough to keep track of. BVA has made it possible for employees to track  all forms of paid time off, FMLA, and benefits on their own using a simple to use software and mobile app at no additional cost.

Payroll Help

BVA integrates with all payroll systems and offers payroll solutions for companies looking to make a shift.


BVA's industry-leading recruitment process outsourcing solutions focus on methodology, measurable results and flexible solutions for every step of the hiring process. In short, BVA's RPO recruitment solutions help you take the guesswork out of talent acquisition.

If your organization is looking to bring more speed, agility, standardization and flexibility to your recruitment function, RPO is the right recruiting model for you.

Benefits & Total Rewards

Selecting BVA to manage benefits administration means  bringing in HR experts willing to share their best practices with your employees, ensuring they understand and appreciate their own benefits package. With the right information, employees make more informed decisions regarding benefits options from the start. They’re also more likely to appreciate the benefits they’re able to get, as well as the employer providing them.

Additionally, outsourcing a certain set of tasks gives your existing HR department the ability to evolve into a more efficient and effective team, regardless of the resources available to them. They can focus on the tasks best handled internally while making the employee experience their top priority. Benefits outsourcing provides busy HR teams with the flexibility to turn their focus back to what matters—their people.


BVA has partnered with Lyra to bring the very best in employee assistance programs. With Lyra, your employees receive support beyond 1-1 sessions with their provider, as they build and practice resiliency skills to meet the challenges of their daily lives. With 24/7 access to personalized digital exercises and direct messaging with their provider, employees get better faster.

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Nathan Zomboki

"We needed someone who would spend the time to get to know our organization, not just tell us what they do for everyone else; BVA was who we needed!"

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